Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

External Hull Penetrators

Maintaining the integrity of a submarine’s pressure hull is critical to protecting the life of the crew, as well as maintaining its operational capacity. The boat’s cable system is its central nervous system, delivering data and power to and from the command centre to the platform’s extremities. Wherever that cable system passes through the pressure hull, a potential weakness is created. SMI have a range of Pressure Hull Glands and connectorised penetrators for all applications.

SMI’s Range of Connectorised Penetrators

Our moulding technology enables multiple cables to be presented to a single connector. Sealing and water blocking of individual cables protects services whereby damage to one cable does not result in the loss of all functionality. Where our dual jacket PlastEthUrm technology is employed we can offer a 10 year warranty against leaks.
Designed for long-term underwater operations in submarines and other military for depths up to 10,000m.
To ensure maximum operating safety, outboard connectors have three independently-operating sealing systems in the mating area (O-ring, lip seal and conical sealing). Shock and vibration safety is ensured by the fine screw-thread in the locking sleeve.
From single contact to 265 pins and current ratings up to 400 A, we can cover a wide range of applications with more than 350 variants.
Additional cathodic protection technology protects the plugs and polyethylene mouldings ensure decades of reliable performance.