unassailable ‘fit & forget’ pressure moulded cable systems for hostile environments

Wave & Tidal Energy: Cable Systems & Connectors

Cresting waves

Offshore Cable Jointing

Wave and Tidal energy generation promises a predictability that wind will never be able to offer. With tidal streams around the UK being some of the greatest resources in the world, two tides a day provide regular power sources. As the power generation from tidal projects increases and exploit more economic marine logistics for deployment the levelized cost of energy (LOCE) becomes increasingly competitive.

Cable Systems, Wet and Deck Mate Connectors and Glands Solutions

We have supplied both wave and tidal projects in Scotland, Pembrokeshire, Normandy and Cape Sharp in Canada.

These projects have spanned cable systems, wet and deck mate connectors and glands for:

  • LV auxiliary power
  • MV power at 6.6 and 13.8 kV
  • Fibre optic connectors with 12 or 24 fibres contacts
  • Unique MV and Fibre Optic Hybrid Wet Mate

All have been installed and worked first time – fit and forget.

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Image courtesy of Simec Atlantis