Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Transport Connector and Cable Solutions

Road and rail transport design is undergoing significant change in terms of power source, as well as control and computing. However, systems still have to operate in the same challenging environmental conditions, including changes in heat, contaminants and mechanical stress.

SMI designs and manufactures connector and cabling solutions that form the central nervous system within vehicles, and any related infrastructure that requires the reliable transmission of power, data and control mechanisms.

Cost-effective fit and forget solutions

Our ‘fit and forget’ design ethos means that our solutions have long-term, ongoing availability and performance of systems at front of mind. We know that reduced servicing and replacements requirements create cost efficiencies throughout the life of the platform – and we want those savings to be made by you.

New transport applications, proven technology

Transport Connectors

To ensure compliance with Transport for London standards for limited fire hazard (LFH) sheaths on cables, we carefully select the compounds used in our mouldings based on manufacturer’s specifications and robustly test finished products, including with X-Rays. All mouldings are water blocked to ensure no water or moisture ingress can get to the connections. This care meets the rightfully stringent demands of customers and reduces lifetime costs by reducing system downtime and maintenance requirements. 

SMI technology is suitable for cables used in:

  • Power
  • Signalling
  • Networks
  • Control
  • Rolling stock
  • Points systems

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