unassailable ‘fit & forget’ pressure moulded cable systems for hostile environments

Multi-Gland Penetrator

Cable systems with single cable jackets are vulnerable to installation and operational damage and failures once deployed result in difficult and costly remediation, greatly increasing the through life cost of a system. Cable jacket selection has historically required a compromise between electrical performance and abrasion resistance. We have developed a technology enabling clients to enjoy the benefits of both polyurethane and polyethylene with extended life for their cable harnesses.

SlipstreaM OptiC

The durability required for subsea deployment and need to respect the bend radii of optical fibres, has typically resulted in large connections which are ill-suited to limited spatial requirements.

Scientific Management International have brought their moulding and fibre expertise together in SlipstreaM OptiC which offers a 90° thermoplastic sealed cable routing for a range of specialist cable connectors. Optical performance is preserved and installations can be designed efficiently.

  • Low loss-low profile 90 degree termination
  • Optical connection without compromise
  • Choice of connector type available
  • Multimode & Singlemode fibre optics
  • Hybrid options of fibre & power available

‘Fit & Forget’ – Lifetime Warranty

The high integrity bonding and amalgamation of each jacket provides the robustness and reliability which enables us to offer a unique lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee on harnesses terminated with this technology.