Subsea Connectors

Whatever hardware you’re looking to connect to in the subsea environment you need to be sure that the cable systems and terminations will last for the projected operational life.

If you’re laying cable array on the bed of the sea you need to be sure that the connections and all connectors will work exactly as they’re supposed to and not be subject to leaks and problems.

We have been operating in the subsea sector for over 25 years and have a 100% zero leaks record across 10,000 installations. This includes deployment in some of the most hostile subsea conditions in the world, so if you need to ensure your connections remain intact underwater then you need to speak with us.

Our design team can create a bespoke solution for you or work to your specification – the key to ensuring the best result is to talk to us early in the process as we can then get help you get what you need with the neatest, most effective, most efficient solution.

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