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Gisma Series 16 Connectors

The dry Series 16 connectors are specially designed for long-term use and are fitted with the proven insulator principle of Series 10. The longitudinally tight seal on the connection side of these connectors makes them particularly suitable for a hose connection system and they are often applied in this way in offshore industry and renewable energy applications.

Gisma Series 16 Connector

Product Characteristics

The Series 16 connectors penetrate with the corresponding outboard and inboard plugs. The electrical signals pass through a pressure hull. As with all Gisma connectors, the Series 16 deliver high operational reliability and are watertight up to 450 bar of open face pressure.

This unmated longitudinally watertight connecter has two API test-ports in the receptacle and in each sealing level there is double sealing technology. Due to the elastomer insulator, this connector has high operating security with lip sealing and conical sealing. Its robust design makes it the perfect design for hose and cable termination technique.

The connector shell and clamp material are titanium with a FVMQ rubber boot material and an FKM O-ring material. This is a single contact connector design for boot seal application, with inverse contact layouts available.

Series 16 Connectors: Technical Features

These connectors are made for rear-side oil pressure and have standard contact arrangements from 7 up to 55 contacts. The test pressure of the Series 16 connectors can be up to 600 bar, with an operating voltage of 300 V and a current max of 15 A.

For the Series 16 connector design, its maximum operating temperature pressure is 20°C with an operating pressure of between -30 °C and +80 °C. Similar to most fibre optic connectors, it has a minimum mating cycle of 500.

  • Standard-Shell Material: Titanium grade V
  • Rubber Boot Material: FVMQ
  • Clamp Material: Titanium grade II
  • O-ring Material: FKM


These connectors are most commonly used in offshore industry, long term application subsea and renewable energies.

Shell Styles Available

Series 16 Connector Outboard Plug
Series 16 Connector hose connection adapter
  • Hose Fitting (on request)
  • Hose Connection Adapter
  • Moulding endbell with FVMQ boot and titanium clamps
  • Outboard plug for rearside oil pressure
  • Rearside oil pressure
  • Flange receptacle for rearside oil pressure
  • Flange receptacle
  • Cable connecting receptacle for rearside oil pressure
  • Pressure watertight cap for receptacle
  • Pressure watertight cap for plug
  • Protective cap for receptacle
  • Protective cap for plug

GISMA and Scientific Management International

GISMA provide worldwide connectors in naval technology, offshore, industry, research and renewable energy. All types of optical fibres, both single and multi-mode can be assembled with GISMA connectors. SMI are proud to have been close partners with GISMA for over 20 years, aligning goals of producing robust, high quality, pressure moulded subsea cable systems.

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If you would like to find out more about the full range of GISMA connectors and products, then don’t hesitate to contact the SMI team to discuss your requirements.