Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Gisma Series 22 Connectors

SMI has exclusive rights to this series of electrical and hybrid connectors. They are designed for long-term underwater applications such as naval technology, renewable energy and specific industry applications.

The patented lip seal, combined with the longitudinally watertight vulcanised elastomer, provides a high level of operational reliability. The additional gasket in the mating area ensures long-term performance and the metric locking thread in the cap nut enables secure locking.

Gisma Series 22 Connector

Key features

The Series 22 subsea connectors are robust and resilient in harsh and hostile environmental conditions. Due to the flat thread in the locking-sleeve, impurities are overridden and severe, high pressured, environments are tolerated.

The Series 22 delivers are a range of benefits that make it a great solution to wet mating and dry mating applications.

Design benefits

The Series 22 connector is watertight at high pressure, making it excellent for dry mating. It also has a lip, conical and O-ring sealing in the mating area designed for wet underwater plug in and demanding operating conditions.

Technical Advantages

This connector has 1 to 265 contacts and a maximum operating voltage of 3,2 kV. Its operating current of up to 400 A and a test pressure of 400 bar mean it is open face pressure tight with pressure hull penetrators material 1.4404 or 1.3964 standard.

It has been tested for shock and under water explosions and has special fastening nuts available for PHP.


These specific connectors are commonly used in naval and marine research, general industry applications and renewable energy.

Gisma and Scientific International

SMI has partnered with subsea connector partner, Gisma, since 1998. Gisma’s expertise in underwater connectors is perfectly aligned with our own goals of producing robust, high quality, pressure moulded subsea cable systems. Throughout our relationship, both SMI and Gisma have continually innovated to develop new solutions for the most hostile connectivity environments.

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