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Spain Hosts Conference on 2022 Ocean Energy

The International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE), a leading global ocean energy conference event is being held this week in San Sebastian, Spain. The focus is the industrial development of renewable energy and the aim is to share recent experiences of research. For the UK, Ocean renewables are an important part of its alternative power strategy which increased in importance following COP26 climate commitments and difficulties around power and gas supply following the war in Ukraine.

As a designer and manufacturer of cable systems that form the central nervous system of marine power generation equipment, SMI’s products are an essential part of any marine renewable project by enabling companies to reliably harness the power their systems generate.

SMI continue to innovate in deck mate, penetrators and wet-mate technologies, delivering system connectivity and power. Ensuring that these cables remained sealed and with optimal performance over the life of the system draws on a technology which has established the company as world leaders in polythene cabling connectivity.

We look forward to connecting the new energy innovations sure to come from the detailed discussions happening in San Sebastian this week!