unassailable ‘fit & forget’ pressure moulded cable systems for hostile environments

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  • HMAS Rankin Australian submarine

    Submarine construction programme lifts Australia’s ambitions

    Our friends at the Submarine Institute of Australia were due to run a seminar today. The question they were to consider is ‘Might submarines lead a nuclear industry in Australia?’. Unfortunately, rising cases of Covid’s ‘Delta’ variant has caused the event to be postponed. We of course wish everyone there all the best. In 2015,…

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  • USS North Dakota Virginia class US submarine

    US Navy’s Virginia class submarines compromised by failing parts

    Having assessed the threats facing the country, your government pours investment into a submarine fleet, only to find the boats are unexpectedly and persistently under repair alongside, rather than being available for tasking. That is the situation now facing the US with its Virginia class. Parts used within the class have served for far less…

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  • World Oceans Day 2021 - microplastics impacting the ocean

    This World Oceans Day We Should Consider How Plastic Is Used

    Today is the UN’s World Oceans Day so we’d like to discuss a related topic that we know most about: plastic. As you probably know, waste plastic in the marine environment is an increasing problem. Some plastics don’t degrade in sea water so could remain in their manufactured shape for thousands of years. On the other hand,…

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  • Central Nervous System Image

    Central Nervous System for Performance and Control

    Your central nervous system makes you who you are. You’re born with it. It lasts a lifetime. Your organs and body function because they’re connected to it. It controls everything. You have to be able to rely on it. SMI products perform the same role. They connect systems for the lifetime of the platform, in even…

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  • Unprecedented 27 Years MOD Capability Approval Record

    SMI (SMI) has achieved uninterrupted Ministry of Defence (MOD) Capability Approval for an unprecedented 27 years. Capability Approvals enable the MOD and its supply chain to procure critical and specialist components with confidence, knowing that a range of stringent quality specifications will be consistently maintained.SMI is the only company in the world which holds Capability…

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  • WEN article in the WindEnergy Mag Front Cover

    Bringing Ocean Expertise to Floating Wind

    SMI are pleased to have their offshore renewable energy capability featured in Wind Energy News this month. (SMI) has been drawing on their heritage manufacturing cable systems for submarines to deliver fit and forget data, power and control cabling for ocean renewables. Their advanced thermoplastic moulding techniques have helped deliver long term reliability to a…

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  • Andover Advertiser Report

    SMI Rallies to Continue Key Work for Ministry of Defence

    SMI (SMI), has responded to the government’s call for support during the coronavirus crisis. The company which designs and manufactures fit-and-forget pressure moulded cable systems for use in critical infrastructure across defence, energy, aerospace and transport sectors. Identified by the Ministry of Defence as a critical supplier to the Royal Navy, SMI was asked to…

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