Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

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  • Plumbing the Depths: The Vital Importance of Precision in Manufacturing Cable Systems for Hostile Maritime Environments

    Maritime operations are physically difficult, they are complex, and they are unpredictable. Anyone in an industry that calls the sea home will tell you this. Where the elements pose relentless challenges, the reliability and durability of equipment are critical. This could be a hull, it could be the welding on an oil rig, it could…

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  • Glen Richardson

    Glen Richardson’s Journey to Chartered Engineer Status

    If you’re wondering why you should invest in your employees, you should look at our Director of Engineering In our line of work the importance of investing in your own people is super important. Regardless of age or educational background, providing opportunities for professional qualifications is not just beneficial; it’s essential for the growth and…

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  • SMI is at DPRTE, FYI

    There is a selection of annual events that we at SMI look forward to year in year out. A particular one that always gets us going is DPRTE – the event that brings together defence suppliers, defence procurement, and those wanting to become defence suppliers. We have held an MOD certification as approval for the…

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  • An Historic Milestone: Celebrating 30 Continuous Years of UK Ministry of Defence Capability Approval

    Scientific Management International (SMI) proudly commemorates an historic achievement as it celebrates 30 years of Ministry of Defence Capability Approval for the production of submarine pressure hull glands and polyethylene cable systems. This unprecedented milestone marks three decades of unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and service to the defence sector. Since its inception over 30…

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  • Subsea Expo logo

    Subsea Expo was, Once Again, Anything but Subpar

    Another year, and another Subsea Expo been and gone! The show didn’t disappoint, as usual. Our CEO Jenny Shaw was incredibly pleased to be a part of the Plenary, discussing how organisations in the industry can best navigate the deep blue, and push new frontiers forwards.The discussions that we sat in on and were a…

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  • G60 Tether UAV

    SMI Cable Harness Delivers in World Record Breaking Project

    Reliability and safety are two of the key reasons why our customers turn to us for cable harness solutions that deliver performance in the most hostile and challenging application spaces across marine, aerospace and energy. Our track record of over 20,000 installations with zero leaks demonstrates the ongoing durability of our technology and is one…

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  • smi-subsea-expo-awards-winners

    Subsea Expo is on the Horizon, and We’re Diving Back in

    Last year, we had the honour and privilege of being chosen as the Subsea Expo Company of the Year. This year, we will relinquish the title, and hand it over to another incredibly worthy company that is representing the UK Subsea industry in the best way possible. We couldn’t be happier; we know that the…

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