06Aug 2019
smi team at exhibition

Though the summer holidays have just begun, our focus is squarely on autumn as we prepare for exhibitions and conferences around the world. In just over 6 weeks we’re in London exhibiting again at DSEI from 10 – 13th September. The world’s leading defence and security event with over 35,000 attendees sees us back in […]

20May 2019

Scientific Management International is delighted to be associated with the 2019 celebrations to mark fifty years of its Continuous At Sea Deterrent (CASD). Known as Operation Relentless, at least one Royal Navy ballistic submarine has been patrolling the world’s oceans, unseen and undetected for 50 years. CASD is the longest sustained military operation ever undertaken […]

18Oct 2018
Keith Wells shakes hands with Phil Jones

Thales and Scientific Management International have signed an agreement to collaborate in delivering state of the art underwater defence products. Thales is a key supplier of systems, equipment and services in the UK MoD Naval domain and wishes to continue to focus its resources on sustaining and building critical core capabilities. Scientific Management International, an […]

22May 2018

More members of the SMI team were extending their fibre expertise at a bespoke training programme today as investment in workforce continues. SMI have been providing high quality subsea fibre cable harnesses and pressure hull penetrators for more than ten years. Fibre optic systems require high precision connectors systems to effectively deliver the bandwidth and […]

16Feb 2018
SMI featured in the recent Wave and Tidal magazine issue - Science that sticks

Scientific Management International (SMI) are leading suppliers of bespoke subsea cable and connector harnesses for both commercial and civil purposes. They supply the submarine industry worldwide, including Britain’s own nuclear fleet, having held uninterrupted Capability Approval from the Ministry of Defence for over 20 years. So reliability is absolutely key: the company’s mantra is ‘right […]

06May 2016

One of the major challenges with Tidal Energy is environmental. The global locations identified as commercially viable are also the most hostile and inhospitable. The cost of maintenance can be prohibitive. Simply getting vessels—and staff—to service machines or to replace a cable can be expensive, making the “survivability” of ocean energy systems a top priority. […]