Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

DSEI 2021

SMI attending DSEI 2021 Event - Excel, London

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Scientific Management International’s ‘fit and forget’ connector and cable solutions form the central nervous system of military platforms including submarines, surface vessels and aircraft. Our technology ensures the long-term availability and performance of combat, communication and control systems operating in hostile environments. With the need for maintenance or replacement programmes greatly reduced, through-life platform costs are minimised.

SMI stand at DSEI 2021

SMI products on our stand

For nearly 30 years, SMI has been the technology leader in the design and production of connector and cable solutions in naval defence, both above and below the water line. We are the preferred supplier for through-hull penetrators and connectors to the UK’s Royal Navy nuclear submarine and surface fleets. ISO 9001:2008 approved, SMI is the only company to have 27 years of continuous Capability Approval certification from the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

Aerospace technology is constantly evolving to deliver more efficient and capable aircraft. This creates demand for light-weight, high performance bandwidth and interconnection that is able to withstand harsh and hostile high-altitude operating environments. Materials we use in our aerospace solutions accommodate thermal expansion and contraction during changes in altitude, meaning SMI products will never fail on critical systems. Additionally, our solutions are designed to resist mechanical stress, corrosion damage, lightning strike, and biological or chemical contamination.


The TelemetriX™ solution builds on the pedigree of reliability and continuous capability approval for pressure hull penetrators and delivers future enabled systems in today’s fleets.


PlastEthUrm combines two cable jackets, with polyethylene as the inner jacket and thermoplastic polyurethane as the outer jacket. Materials are amalgamated and chemically bonded to extend platform life.

Aircraft connectors and cables

SMI moulding processes transform aircraft connectors and cables by providing a level of sealing that enables their application in the most hostile airframe locations, including fuel tanks and landing gear.

Meet our DSEI team

We have a team of three experienced sales people on our stand throughout DSEI this year. If you have a relationship with another SMI team member and would like to meet them at the show, please drop us a message in the contact form below. It is likely that other members of our senior team will attend the event on at least one day.

Jenny Shaw, Commercial Director

Jenny is a fibre optic specialist with 20 years’ experience in interconnect and cable infrastructure, most recently focussed on submarine applications.

Jo Burke, Business Development Manager

Jo is SMI’s senior sales manager. She has significant defence sector experience and principally supports SMI’s naval and military aviation customers.

Amber Flower, Key Account Manager

Amber supports SMI’s naval and military aviation customers with technical sales consultancy and project delivery.

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