Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

‘Fit and Forget’ Technology That Delivers

Fit and forget technology at SMI

10,000 installations and zero leaks heritage delivering solutions to aerospace challenges

SMI are specialists in designing and manufacturing moulded cable harnesses: sealing the coverings that secure the wires and fibre optics that transmit signals and electrical power, protecting them from water and other liquids. In its decades of work in the naval sector, it has so far produced more than 10,000 installations – with zero leaks.

Prior to 2017, their main focus had been submarines and surface vessels. However, having identified numerous applications for its systems in the civil and military aerospace sectors, the company have applied the toughness, durability and dependability of its naval products for the particular demands of the aerospace domain.

Designing lighter and leaner assemblies and creating harnesses resistant not just to saline but to the lubricants, fuel, hydraulic fluids and other liquids found on aircraft SMI is able to deliver cabling solutions for the most challenging areas of the platform, through fuel tank and on the undercarriage.

With this ‘fit and forget’ technology users can extend the life of their systems, cutting back on the costly maintenance cycle, reducing through- life costs and delivering effective operational performance over the long term.