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Hidden Talents of SMI – Week 1

Anne Marie Delaney, from SMI, standing next to her calligraphy art work

At SMI it’s that time of year when all our staff take time to review their personal development and consider which new skills they would like to develop in the year ahead.

In addition to their vocational abilities, we’ve been exploring some of the skills, talents and interests outside the workplace that make our team so special.

Each week throughout July we will be putting some of those hidden talents under the spotlight. Once we started asking our team a few questions we began uncovering all manner of skills.

Our Communications Manager, Anne Marie Delaney, is not only a master calligrapher but also boasts a GCSE in Astronomy. She may not be using the latter very often but she has regular commissions for her calligraphy and has exhibited at numerous venues across Gloucester and Ledbury.

When we asked our Director of Programmes, Denise Hunt, about her skills we were impressed to discover that she has quite a haul of trophies for bowling and darts. Playing in teams in her home area of Hull, apparently, Denise is as accurate with the flights as she is with the bowling ball.
She is not the only one with a competitive spirit. Jenny Shaw, our Sales and Marketing Manager is a keen quizzer and has taken part in ITV’s The Chase. She was duly caught by Mark “The Beast” Labett after her five minutes of Fame but enjoyed the experience nonetheless.