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Hidden Talents of SMI – Week 2

A flower pot on a table with fairy lights

Each week in July we have been exploring the hidden talents of our team at SMI. This week we discovered that two of our team have very artistic abilities. Warehouse Manager, Simon Osborn, has been designing and creating reclaimed timber coffee tables.

He told us, “I’d never really acted upon my fondness for woodwork at all until early last year when I made my first coffee table for my partner. Knowing her stand on the environment and her general nature-saving attitude when it comes to consumption, I decided a coffee table made of recycled wood, would bring a smile to her face for her birthday”.

We also discovered Simon is a gifted graphic designer, I’m sure the marketing team will be looking to put to good use over the coming months if he gets any spare time from the Warehouse.

Catherine Jennings, our Head of People, is another artist in our midst. Just check our these fantastic sketches she produced of her children.

Another light that’s been hiding under a bushel is Production Facilitator Trevor Davis’s ability to complete the Rubik’s Cube. Since we discovered this the parents amongst the team have been bringing in their children’s puzzles for Trevor to restore to perfection.

Some of the fantastic woodworking & design produced by Simon Osborn, and Trevor Davis solving another Rubik’s cube.