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Hidden Talents of SMI – Week 3

Motorbike leaning on the rails of a bridge

Continuing our look at the Hidden Talents at SMI this week we learned more about the teams here in Andover, UK and further afield.

We discovered that James Woods, one of our apprentices at SMI, is a qualified scuba diver. Perhaps we should be putting him to work with some of our diver mating cable harnesses.

Unusual qualifications seem to abound and both Ross Sims and Kirsten Shaw are qualified tractor drivers although Kirsten maintains that she can only drive a tractor if she is wearing her wellies – we thought that was the law!

We also asked this question about hidden talents to our international offices. We discovered that Michel Renard, our Paris based Business Development Manager (BDM), is a tenor in a choir and a regular song each month at church.

Meanwhile in Perth, Australia our BDM Mike Jones is a keen motorbiker. Having completed a number of trips through Africa and through much of Australia. He has a love of the open road and the odd dirt track, spending several weekends a year camping in winter with a group of mates, riding through the bush and generally getting muddy. Of course, at the end of the day they are rewarded with a cold beer around the fire, where they rib each other about the day’s events.

Over in Canada at our Strategic Partner Simex Defence, Cathy Yazigi who checks contracts and solves problems in her work life found the time to start abstract painting in her free time. Many employees loved her work (which you can see above) and soon there was a waiting list for employees who requested colourful painting for their living room, just one of the perks of working at Simex. We’re hoping that Simex brings over some of this fantastic artwork in September when they join us at DSEI.