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SMI Launches Supplier Award Programme

SMI Supplier Award Programme 2021 Certificate

SMI is today launching its first annual ‘Supplier Award Programme’. The programme will recognise suppliers who make significant contributions to our key initiatives, products and processes, as well as customer satisfaction, throughout 2021. 

Award categories include:

  • Best On Time Delivery 
  • Best Quality Performance 
  • Best Continuous Improvement 
  • Best Environmental Initiatives 
  • Best Customer Service

The Supplier Award Programme is part of SMI’s procurement strategy that seeks to optimise our supply base by building strong relationships that help drive innovation, continuous improvement and operational excellence.

“Our suppliers are crucial to the successful execution of our business strat­egy. We are fortunate to work with some extraordinarily talented suppliers that are highly commit­ted to their SMI partnership. They regularly go the extra mile to help us deliver innovative solutions and service to our customers. We look forward to recognising these important contributions with an award.”

Daniele Garramone, Head of Supply Chain at SMI

Supplier performance against the awards’ criteria will be evaluated continuously from today. The first round of awards will be announced at the end of this year.