Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Why Dual Jacket Sealing is critical to long term connectivity

One of the major challenges with Tidal Energy is environmental. The global locations identified as commercially viable are also the most hostile and inhospitable. The cost of maintenance can be prohibitive. Simply getting vessels—and staff—to service machines or to replace a cable can be expensive, making the “survivability” of ocean energy systems a top priority.

This is where SMI’ (SMI) Dual Jacket Sealing approach comes into its own, by ensuring you don’t have to choose between the requirements of robustness and flexibility and the selection of a jacket material that optimises insulation resistance. Selecting a dual jacket cable that will last in excess of 25 years in sea water at elevated temperatures without degradation and separately sealing the jackets provides the assurance that operators need.

It seems a simple solution, but it’s one that no one else can currently replicate to our standards – so if you’re not in the business of compromising on reliability then you should talk to us.