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SMI Join Defence Leaders in Paris at Euronaval 2022

Euronaval 2022

Scientific Management International (SMI) will be joining over 25,000 delegates in Paris le Bourget from today for the three-day Euronaval event. International Sales Manager, Michel Renard, and CEO, Jenny Shaw, are both attending to meet partners old and new.  SMI designed cable harness systems provide fit and forget reliability to a range of navies across Europe for surface, submarine and autonomous applications.
SMI products form the central nervous system of both marine vessels and aircraft, providing reliable ‘fit and forget’ connectivity for critical systems that can last the life of the platform. For 30 years, SMI has been the technology leader in the design and production of connector and cable solutions in naval defence, both above and below the waterline. Our aerospace solutions accommodate thermal expansion and contraction during changes in altitude, as well as resisting a complete range of other potential stresses & contaminants.
We will be discussing our submarine Multi Gland Penetrators (MGPs) with a number of our clients. With systems onboard submarines now generating and consuming much more data, the need for power and data bandwidth has increased exponentially. SMI has developed its MGPs range to increase service density through a single pressure hull penetration, exploiting our pedigree in pressure hull glands while reducing risk and satisfying build flexibility. Multiple cables are each sealed and water blocked, bringing a density that a connectorised approach cannot support. Additional cathodic protection technology protects the MGP and polyethylene mouldings ensure decades of reliable performance.
Anyone wanting to arrange a meeting this week can contact michel.renard@smi.group.

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